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lobby traits

In this object can be found many `traits', which are
objects containing shared behavior and/or state.
For each traits object there is usually a corresponding prototype in
`globals' which inherits the traits.  Many copies of the prototype may
also exist, so that changing something in a traits object usually modifies the
behavior of many objects (the prototype and all the copies of it,
which all inherit the modified trait).
Note that it is not essential to put trait objects in here; many
prototypes have traits objects which they keep to themselves.

CopyDowns: vector

CreatorPath: traits

72 Modules


cryptomachine = traits cryptomachine
oldParser = traits oldParser
rsa = traits rsa
debugger = traits debugger
primitiveMaker = traits primitiveMaker


bench = traits bench



collection = traits collection
collector = traits collector


link = traits link
list = traits list
orderedDictionary = traits orderedDictionary
orderedSet = traits orderedSet
sequence = traits sequence
sharedQueue = traits sharedQueue


emptyTrees = traits emptyTrees
sortedSequence = traits sortedSequence
tree = traits tree
treeNodes = traits treeNodes


priorityQueue = traits priorityQueue


abstractDictionary = traits abstractDictionaryrepresentation-indep dictionary
abstractSet = traits abstractSetrepresentation-indep set
abstractSetOrDictionary = traits abstractSetOrDictionaryimplementation-independant set or dictionary behavior -- dmu 2/97

can hold markers

universalDictionary = traits universalDictionary
universalSet = traits universalSet
universalSetOrDictionary = traits universalSetOrDictionary

hash table based

dictionary = traits dictionary
hashTableDictionary = traits hashTableDictionaryrepresentation-indep dictionary
hashTableSet = traits hashTableSetrepresentation-indep set
hashTableSetOrDictionary = traits hashTableSetOrDictionaryset or dictionary behavior implemented by a hash table -- dmu 2/97
set = traits set
sharedDictionary = traits sharedDictionary
sharedSet = traits sharedSet


byteVector = traits byteVector
canonicalString = traits canonicalString
immutableString = traits immutableString
indexable = traits indexable
mutableIndexable = traits mutableIndexable
mutableString = traits mutableString
string = traits string
vector = traits vector


bigInt = traits bigInt
float = traits float
int32 = traits int32
int32or64 = traits int32or64Common parent for int32 and int64
int64 = traits int64
integer = traits integer
number = traits number
random = traits random
randomLC = traits randomLC
smallInt = traits smallInt

graphical interface


oldStyleRectangle = traits oldStyleRectangle
pair = traits pair
point = traits point
rectangle = traits rectangle


host and filesystem

abstractFile = traits abstractFileOS-independant files
abstractStatStructure = traits abstractStatStructure
host = traits host
termcap = traits termcap
tty = traits tty
unixFile = traits unixFile
unixStatStructure = traits unixStatStructure
platforms = traits platforms


block = traits block
boolean = traits boolean
enumerating = traits enumerating
memoryState = traits memoryState
mirrors = traits mirrors
path = traits path
slots = traits slots
textLines = traits textLines
time = traits time


annotation = traits annotation
cachedSlotAnnotation = traits cachedSlotAnnotation
objectAnnotation = traits objectAnnotation
slotAnnotation = traits slotAnnotation


barrier = traits barrier
lock = traits lock
monitor = traits monitor
ping = traits ping
process = traits process
processErrors = traits processErrors
processStack = traits processStack
processStatus = traits processStatus
recursiveSemaphore = traits recursiveSemaphore
semaphore = traits semaphore
serializer = traits serializer
transmitter = traits transmitter

fake slots

fakeSlot = traits fakeSlot


fctProxy = traits fctProxy
foreignCode = traits foreignCode
foreignFct = traits foreignFct
proxy = traits proxy

messages and activations

abstractMethodText = traits abstractMethodText
activationText = traits activationText
message = traits message
prefixingSender = traits prefixingSender
selectionText = traits selectionText
selector = traits selector
selfMethodText = traits selfMethodText
selfMethodTextWithPositionConversion = traits selfMethodTextWithPositionConversion
sender = traits sender
sending = traits sending


transporter = traits transporter


callCount = traits callCount
profiler = traits profiler
profiling = traits profiling


historyList = traits historyList
historyListEntry = traits historyListEntry
prompt = traits prompt


clonable = traits clonable
oddball = traits oddball
orderedClonable = traits orderedClonable
orderedOddball = traits orderedOddball